5 Signs You Are Losing Muscle Instead Of Fat

To stay in shape and keep fit, human bodies need to keep working. This is mainly because the human bodies have adapted to a working lifestyle since our evolution.

Early humans used to stay in caves, hunted their food and did difficult tasks. The bodies eventually got used to it and developed as a working body. This is the reason human beings get irritated if they keep sitting at the same place for longer durations because our bodies do not properly function if we keep resting. Our bodies properly function if we keep putting a strain on our muscles.


While the modern-day requirements have made most of the people immobile, many people have taken the adverse effects of this too much comfort. They get fat and less resistant to health issues. Plus they also develop laziness. Keeping in view all this, many people have started working out to keep themselves fit and lose their fat.

Many of the people who start working out end up getting weak and their bodies look flaccid. This is because of a number of reasons. To know which factors play their part in weakening your muscles and how can we tell whether we are losing fat or muscle, read the section below.

Fat Analyzer

A body fat checker is a device which tells the amount of fat a body is harboring. It is a simple device which, for accurate results, require only your gender, height and weight.

Before starting your workout routine, check your fat with the fat checker. Then measure your waist. After a couple of weeks, check the body fat and waist again.


If the body fat has not decreased considerably but there is a substantial reduction in the waist size, then it is clear that you are not working out properly and need to consult a coach or get yourself into any fitness program. Many people are preferring online fitness programs. If you are considering online, read more about it here.

Calorie Check

Losing muscle means weak muscle. And weak muscle means less power. If you are working out, you need to feel more active, sturdy and powerful. But, instead, you are feeling weak and your face seems shrinking, you need to check your calorie intake. If your calorie intake is less than the required intake for a grown working body, you are losing muscle.


 If before every workout, you do not feel active. Instead, you feel tired all the time, even when you are not doing anything. This is a clear sign you are damaging your muscles with the excessive workout.

Rapid Weight Loss

Weight loss

If your body is losing weight, it means you are probably going in the right direction with your workout. But if you are losing weight rapidly and abnormally, it is an indication that there is something your weight loss methods which is putting excessive exertion to your body and losing your muscles.


A good method for indicating whether you are progressing in your weight loss workout or just breaking up your muscles is to check your balance by lifting a foot up. If you are not able to properly balance yourself, it means there is a problem.

Fat loss can be achieved by several ways but each way needs to be executed properly. Otherwise, you may end up with weakened muscles and Joints.

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