Dry Heat Spa Capsule

Dry Heat Spa Capsule Review:

The Alpha 2010 – Dry Heat Spa Capsule incorporates powerful feature that performs pre- set programs automatically. The equipment creates an effective environment that provide a wide variety of spa treatments that includes slimming body wraps, toning, exfoliation, masks, moisturizing, body sculpting, detoxification, and relaxation. The Alpha Spa also be used during facials, and before and after massages. The massage benefits combine a dry heat sauna, aromatics, vibratory massage, audio system and more into one machine to embody perfection in a controlled environment.

The product features includes the following:

Preset programs with natural essential oils

Alpha 2010

Dry Heat Spa Capsule

This system offers 12 preset programs with one additional custom program for a number of unique body services. Each of these services has the ability to deliver four distinct pure essential oil blends using the capsule advanced diffusion system. These essential oils are from the finest cold pressed herbs and plants that are available in cleansing, relaxation, health, vigor orange ylang ylang, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, clary sage, fennel blend, body contouring, and release.

Convection and conduction heating

Alpha 2010 has the ability to emit dry heat up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is delivered to the body through the process of conduction and convection. Though the Convection process the heat is transferred to the body by use of the air currents while the conduction the heat is transferred to the body by direct contact.

Adjustable cool facial air

This feature enables one to regulate the heat level to a comfortable level and to avoid being overheated. The system has two facial air fans that keeps your face cooled to reduce chances of overheating.

Stereo/CD system

The system has a build- in stereo that has headphones and speakers that can be connected to any audio source easily. There is also availability of a headphone jack that enhances the relaxation properties during the process.

Vibratory massage and comfortable bed and head pillow

The dual motorized and independent vibratory back massage units help one to unwind and relax. One can feel the tension drift away as the vibration massage soothes the mind and body. Additionally the soft form contour bed and head cushion are made o easy to clean high quality vinyl.



Dry Heat Spa Capsule

The product comes with a one year extended warranty.


Promotes Perspiration and Detoxification

Relaxation and Relief from Stress

Weight Loss and Metabolic Stimulation

Reduces Water Retention

Enhances Deep Sleep

Soothes Sore Muscles

Burns Calories Equivalent to Brisk Walking

Accelerates Recovery after Exercise or Injury

Relieves Aches and Pains

Increases Blood Circulation



The equipment is not available everywhere and it needs to be shipped

Needs experienced personnel to operate


What are the Electric Requirements? They are from 208 to 240 volts18 amps (25 amps) 50 or 60 Hertz

What are the Water Requirements? Requires 20 Gallons or 70 Liters of Distilled Water. No plumbing required.


The system’s ability to provide the conduction and convention dry heat adjustable and a vibration massage makes it stand out amongst other similar product. The product has many health benefits to improve one’s health and to help you relax and unwind.

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