7 Tips to Manage Your Fitness While Traveling

For those of you who are avid travelers but are very particular about managing your fitness routines, you have come to the right place. This article will list down steps whereby you can seek to carry on traveling while at the same time maintain your fitness routine.


So what are they? It is quite easy to get tired and give into the traveling that you completely forget about maintaining a healthy routine which is bad. You have been so keen on maintaining it, why leave now, simply because you are traveling. Read on to find out how to ensure fitness during this time.

Use the coffee maker

The coffee maker just does not mean that it brew you fresh coffee because when you are traveling and packing a coffee maker can do two things for you; it can help you make hot water for making say, oatmeal. You don’t have to wait and rely on greasy breakfast, you can keep your breakfast healthy, just as you would when you are not traveling.

It is essential to pack your own healthy stuff such as easy, light on weight, non-perishable snacks as mentioned above, oatmeal. What more you can do is while you are staying at a hotel as we have already discussed greasy stuff is a no-no, you can add Greek yogurt or fresh fruit to make your first meal of the day healthy.

Pack a workout

Keep, say, a jump rope, a resistance band, or a Polar heart rate monitor. They are not that heavy to carry and does not take up much space when you are traveling at all times. Better than carrying a dryer which takes more space and is relatively heavier to carry.

The above are few of the most efficient traveling workout tools ever! With the help of a heart rate monitor, you get to burn the maximum fat on your body. If you only allocate 10 minutes of your time during your journey to a workout, with a heart monitor at the helm of it, you can not only save time, but also it will do you an equal favour (if not more) when you run on a treadmill for an hour.There are many heart rate monitors and which allows you to keep track of calories burned and are easier to use.

Open the mini-bar

Just before you are traveling and making a reservation for that hotel room, visit a nearby grocery store to stock yourself up beforehand so that you don’t give into those extra calories. The items could be bottles of tiny vodkas, $10 M&M’s, baby carrots, oh and yogurt plus fresh fruits.

See the advantage here is that you have your own food items to yourself instead of everything and anything you get your hands on while traveling. You can resort to some healthy alternative so that you can cut down on smoking while vacationing.

Pack for yourself sneakers

You cannot journey in your flip flops and you ought to pack a pair of sneaker for you traveling needs. Even if you choose to travel in your flip flops, what about when working out? Do you think you can make it in those? Of course not!

Sneakers will come in handy when you are walking, going for a run or even engaged in a strict cardio session. Not only your feet will be protected but you will be comfortable when moving wearing them as traveling involves a lot of moving.

Walking the town

When you journey to a foreign land you don’t drive past their landmarks or places to visit. You stop, spend time there and capture those moments be it eating at a restaurant, writing your assignments on a breathtaking place or see caged animals in a zoo, everyplace has something exciting and refreshing to offer.

So take a walk, experience the city and its suburbs, whenever possible. You can ask hotel staff for the places that calls for sightseeing within the walking distance such as shops and parks. Challenge yourself by walking instead of taking shuttle buses or via driving. You can tell yourself, that if the distance is under a mile, you are to be covering it on foot.

Spend time in the hotel’s fitness center

You can plan wisely in making the selection for your hotel. Choose the one with fitness center in it. Now that is out of the way, go and spend time there by working out. If you cannot find time to attend it make your room space, your fitness center. Do quick 7-minute workout using your jump rope, resistant bands accompanied with your heart rate monitor.

Wake up early

At the end of your day, many people don’t like the idea of working out. Hence, the antidote lies in waking up early. When you work out early in the morning, studies reveal that it gives you more energy and helps you make careful food choices during your entire day.


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