Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review:

People buy juicers for many reasons including attempts to break the monotony of consuming whole fruits. These appliances are particularly helpful to people on a busy schedule but need a serving of fresh juice to get going. A good juicer is easy to use and produces juice without damaging fruits’ useful ingredients. This is probably the main reason why Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Low Speed Masticating Juicer is flying off the shelves. Here are more features that make this masticating juicer a first choice among those who want a reliable way to prepare their favorite juices:

Product features

As the name suggests the juicer operates at relatively low speed to squeeze and not grind items in order to preserve their natural colors, taste and nutrients. Other juicers grind fruits and other substances leading to excess heat which transfers to your fruits and kills all important nutrients.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome
Omega J8006 Nutrition

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

is a dual stage juicer which ensures that you get as much juice from your fruits as possible. This is evident in the increased yield of juice per fruit and dry pulp as opposed to regular juicers which are infamous for causing immense wastage.

The Omega low speed masticating juicer allows one to store juice for three days without spoiling. Storing your juice in some popular brands causes separation which can deter you from enjoying your drink.

The product developers were keen on reducing noise levels posed by common brands and in light of this they engineered omega nutrition center-black and chrome-to operate quietly, a feature that increases your appliance’s lifespan.

Omega is indeed an exceptional juicer owing to the auto-pulp ejection feature that ensures continuous juicing. With regular juicers you have to keep stopping to remove excess pulp that might be slowing down the process.


High juice yield

Quiet operation

No pulp or foam

Comes with juicer screen


There is some noise to be expected but you can muffle the sound by placing the unit on a thin piece of cloth before running it.


Does using Omega J8006 ensure better quality?

Yes this juicer gives you high quality fresh juice whenever needed and since there is little heat produced your fruits will remain nutritious even after some minutes of crushing and squeezing.

Why is it better than other juicers?

Omega’s body is made of strong plastic which makes it more durable than many brands in the market.


This is without a doubt a great, efficient and reliable juicer for the whole family. It is easy to use and clean even by a beginner. The noise it produces seems to bother some but many fans love this juicer’s advanced features so much so that the little noise is not a problem.

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