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Use the Kpop Diet Plan to Lose Weight

The Korean diet plan for weight loss is gaining more popularity than ever. If you are a K-pop fan and want to taste their unique cuisine, then you must take up this diet plan. The Korean diet plan is also known as the k-pop diet, which is a whole-food-based regime filled with the traditional foods of Korea. The plan is constructed to lose weight and at the end of the routine, you might get a figure like a K-pop idol. An idol from South Korea is the one who belongs to the country’s music industry. They have this porcelain-like skin, which means their skins are unblemished. Other than that, it will boost your health for a long time and you will get clear skin. So, if you are looking for Park Jimin-like skin, you must read on.


To USE THE KPOP DIET PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT, you need not be a fan of K-pop idols. You can be anyone who would be ready to consume Korean food. Even if you are mildly interested in the culture or their entertainment world, the cuisine from the country is delicious and it will be easy to follow the plan.

Like every diet regime, it will take time to lose weight, but you can get used to it. If you are an avid fan then you have seen the idols dieting hard to lose weight, and they stay very consistent about it. So, if you are a fan of BTS, GOT 7, EXO, or Blackpink, and you want that figure for yourself, you can follow the 14-day diet plan we discussed here.


This diet plan is effective mostly because the meals are filled with vegetables, which means you will get a lot of fiber in your system. When you start with a fiber-rich diet plan, it will reduce hunger and you will become full with small bites. Additionally, the Korean diet plan does not consist of fatty foods, snacks, sugars, and so on. The diet regime also encourages you to exercise, which will burn a lot of calories. Gradually, you will learn how to reduce the proportion of your food, and you feel satisfied with fewer items on your platter. Let’s look at the 14-day plan in detail.


DAY 1: The first day can be hard, and that’s why it’s the introduction to this diet plan. On the first day, you will have to be happy with boiled eggs and sweet potatoes. These are very healthy food and they will take less time to cook.

* Breakfast: two soy sauce eggs boiled
* Lunch: have a green salad
* Dinner: boiled one sweet potato

DAY 2: The next day, you have to eat a lot of veggies to lower the calories. You will get to eat some meat on this day, and it will be easy to follow. You will get variations on this day, but the best one to follow is,

* Breakfast: a fruit smoothie. It can be banana or any other option in fruits.
* Lunch: a green salad.
* Dinner: have noodles but the healthy, non-oily kind.

DAY 3: once you have started with vegetables, now you have to continue with more of the same. As mentioned earlier the Korean diet plan is filled with natural fibers and here you will get that from vegetables. If you still feel hungry, you can have an extra bowl of salad.

* Breakfast: two boiled soy sauce eggs
* Lunch: Tofu porridge with tofu on the side.
* Dinner: Have Kimchi fried rice. This is a very popular dish in South Korea.

DAY 4: Now you have made it to the fourth day of the K-pop diet plan, and you have to decrease your intake of calories. From here, the diet will get a bit strict, but the foods you will get to eat will be delicious.

* Breakfast: start with yogurt
* Lunch: have a bowl of sweet pumpkin soup
* Dinner: Kimchi and rice

DAY 5: Drinking water is very important, and you have to do it throughout the entire day. Water intake will make you full, and you will not feel dizzy. You have to drink at least three to five glasses of water to stay hydrated and you can even try having a smoothie.

* Breakfast: fried rice with less oil or sesame oil
* Lunch: a bowl of salad
* Dinner: two boiled soy sauce eggs.

DAY 6: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, thus you need to have a healthy breakfast on the sixth day. You will get a mix of a lot of ingredients for the sixth day of your K-pop diet plan.

* Breakfast: start with a bowl of rice porridge.
* Lunch: a green salad
* Dinner: meat wrapped in steamed cabbage.

DAY 7: exercising is crucial when you are trying to follow a diet plan. You have to be consistent and understand that you will not achieve the Kim Seokjin figure in a day. K-pop idols exercise at least two times a week, and you have to make it a routine.

* Breakfast: Fruit smoothie
* Lunch: Green salad
* Dinner: Bibimbap. This is a dish filled with veggies, eggs, and rice.

DAY 8: On day eight you are not allowed to eat anything after 7 pm. This will make you avoid snacks, and you must know that eating at the midnight is not healthy. Even if you feel very hungry, you have to go to bed early.

* Breakfast: start with yogurt
* Lunch: a green salad
* Dinner: Bulgogi with rice. Bulgogi is meat, and it can be roasted pork or beef. You can also have roasted chicken if you like lean meat.

DAY 9: you have to drink more water as the diet plan progresses. You must have a lot of glasses throughout the day. You can carry a water bottle and drink from it.

* Breakfast: have yogurt
* Lunch: salad
* Dinner: Gimbap. This is a preparation of rice, seaweed sheets with carrots, eggs, and pork. You can choose chicken as well.

DAY 10: On this day, you have to go back to exercising. You know that kpop idols have a heavy dance routine, and to keep their body perfect, they exercise a lot. For more information, you can check out Jungkook working out in the gym, and you might get the inspiration.

* Breakfast: have a banana smoothie or any other fruit.
* Lunch: a green salad.
* Dinner: rice with gochujang pork. Gochujang is a chili paste with other ingredients. Here the pork will be mixed with it.

DAY 11: you have to remember to keep drinking water. You also need to be active and avoid taking naps. You have to create a sleep routine and follow that every day. This will make the diet easier.

* Breakfast: start with yogurt
* Lunch: have salad
* Dinner: have Kimchi fried rice. Kimchi is a form of fermented napa cabbage, spring onion, and radish. It includes lots of garlic, anchovies, and Korean chili powder.

DAY 12: On day twelve you can again have a healthy breakfast. Also, give a pat on your back as you have made it this far.

* Breakfast: have a sandwich.
* Lunch: a green salad.
* Dinner: treat yourself and have a small steak.

DAY 13: if you have reached day thirteen, and even if it’s Friday, you are a courageous champ. Here, you can try out new dishes and you have to stick to this diet for a long time until you reach your Park Jimin goal.

* Breakfast: Rice with spicy bean sprout and pork
* Lunch: have salad
* Dinner: a small bowl of Udon

DAY 14: now you have finally reached the fourteenth day. You must be excited to complete the challenge and you will feel a lot better. You can check how much weight you have lost, also you need to follow this routine until you achieve your goal.

* Breakfast: add raw veggies to your bibimbap dish.
* Lunch: one boiled sweet potato.
* Dinner: a green salad.


Following the K-pop, diet plan isn’t easy, and you might want to quit in the middle. But if you want a great body like the idols you favor, you have to be consistent. Check out this diet plan mentioned here, and you will achieve your fitness goal.