Which Fats Help In Dietary Weight Loss, Boost Health and Promote Beauty?

Products labelled “low fat” and “fat free” on products such as yogurts and cereal bars, line the shelves of supermarkets. They promise to help weight loss, but in fact the opposite is true. So, it always suggested to check first the nutrition facts of what you are gonna eat. Will that be a burden or helpful for your health. We covered some facts about the Fatty foods that are not actually bad and also some fatty foods that will really hurt your weight loss program or may cause injury to your health.

How Products Low in Fat can Promote Fat?

Dietary Fat Metabolism

Dietary Fat Metabolism works in Weight Loss

Low fat and reduced fat products hide their true peril on the small print. The fact is these are often high in carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is really a form of sugar, and too much sugar in the diet will eventually be stored as fat within the body. Anything that contains more than 55% carbohydrate is on the high side. So even a diet low in fat can make someone fat.

The Truth About Dietary Fats For Weight Loss

Make no bones, fat is the most calorie-dense of the components within food, but the body needs fat to stay healthy. Fat is low on the Glycemic Index. In other words, it is broken down slowly, giving a sense of prolonged fullness. This is partly due to a hormone called choleocystokian (CCK), which is released when fat is ingested. The G I of carbohydrate will actually lower if eaten with fat. Fat promotes vitamin E absorption resulting in sleek hair, strong nails and smooth skin.


The Main Types of Dietary Fat

You can see lots of dietary fats. But all of them don’t work. The main dietary types of fats that will help your body for better health and weight loss are described in below. You will also find the harmful fats for your health gradually. Keep reading.

These are:

  • Cold Water Fish Oil: Derived from fish such as sardines and mackerel.
  • Mono-saturated fatty Acids: (unsaturated fats.) This fat is found in nuts and seeds, such as flax seeds and in olives and avocados.
  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: This is derived from vegetable sources, such as sunflower, soybean and canola.
  • Saturated Fatty Acids: These fats are derived from animal sources, such as meat and dairy.
  • Trans-fatty Acids, or hydro-negated vegetable oil: This is an offspring of vegetable oil. It has been heated to a high temperature to prolong its shelf life.
12 Dietary Foods To eat For Healthy Fat Loss

Fatty Foods That Are Healthy for Fat Loss

Which Fats Keep you Healthy

The best fats for health are mono-saturated fatty acids. Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is the best. Oleic acid found in olives has been shown to keep artery walls supple and help prevent heart disease. Research into the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet has now proved the benefits of olive oil.

Fish oil and flax seed contains high amounts of omega 3 which not only lowers bad cholesterol, but also prevents diabetes and promotes weight loss by encouraging stored fat to be burned as fuel.

The Truth About Saturated Fat

Saturated fats have received a lot of bad press. In fact, in controlled amounts, saturated fat is not as bad for health as was once thought and is not the devil of the dietary fats.

Which Fats Must Never be Eaten

Although polyunsaturated oil might seem to be a healthier alternative to saturated fat, it is high in arachinodic acid (omega 6). According to registered dietitian Evelyn Tribole, this can cause heart disease and inflammation.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is the devil of the fats and must be avoided. Unfortunately, it is widely used in commercial products such as cakes and biscuits. It will elevate the levels of bad cholesterol and promote heart disease to the point that it has been banned in certain European countries (Independent on Sunday). You can Download the PDF here about this report.

The Fats to Fight Disease

Eliminating fat from the diet will not promote long-term weight loss and health. A healthy diet must contain omega 3, as in fish oil and flax seeds will help weight loss. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has been shown to promote health. So, if you don’t eat these fats, then you may be affected by some diseases easily.

In Bottom Line

There are lots of myths going around the internet about foods containing fat. You have know first which will help and which will not. It is important to be fir and healthy. If you are going to lose weight and end up being sick, that will hurt! Isn’t it?

So, know the truths first about the Dietary Weight Loss Fats, then follow a chart wisely and effectively for dietary fats to remain healthy, fit and beautiful.

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